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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of classes does Jones College offer?

Accessible and affordable, a variety of academic classes provide a gateway to success in post-secondary education, while 80 career and technical programs prepare students to achieve personal and economic goals in the workforce. Cosmetology is designed to prepare the student for employment in the...

How long has Jones College been in Jacksonville?

Since 1918, Jones College has provided unique educational opportunities for our many students. As we have for the last 99 years, Jones College takes its educational commitment to its students seriously and has worked diligently to ensure that the closing of Jones College was as smooth as possible for the students, faculty, staff and the community.

What can you do at Jones County Junior College?

Classroom work, outdoor labs, and Jones County Junior College are utilized to provide learning experiences for the students in all phases... This program consists of nursing and non-nursing courses granting college credit. The program of study ...

Who was the founder of Jones Business College?

Former names Jones Business College Type Private Nonsectarian Established 1918 Chairman Dorothy D. Jones President Dr. Mayra Nunez 9 more rows ...

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