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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JSTL in JavaServer Pages?

JavaServer Pages Tag Library (JSTL) is a set of tags that can be used for implementing some common operations such as looping, conditional formatting, and others. In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing how to setup JSTL and how to use its numerous tags.

How do I add JSTL tags to a JSP project?

For a Maven project, we add the dependency in pom.xml file: With the library added to our project, the final setup will be to add the core JSTL tag and any other tags' namespace file to our JSP using the taglib directive like this: Next, we'll take a look at these tags which are broadly grouped into five categories.

What are the core tags in JSTL?

JSTL core tag library contains tags for performing basic operations such as printing values, variables declaration, exception handling, performing iterations, and declaring conditional statements among others. Let's have a look at core tags. 3.1. The <c:out> Tag

What are the categories of Maven repository?

Maven Repository: javax.servlet » jstl » 1.2 Categories| Popular| Contact Us Indexed Artifacts (23.5M) Popular Categories Aspect Oriented Actor Frameworks Application Metrics Build Tools Bytecode Libraries Command Line Parsers Cache Implementations Cloud Computing Code Analyzers Collections Configuration Libraries Core Utilities

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