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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JSTOR Daily?

Drawing on the richness of JSTOR ’s digital library of academic journals, books, images, primary sources, research reports, and other material, JSTOR Daily stories provide background—historical, scientific, literary, political, and otherwise—for understanding our world.

Where can I find JSTOR resources for free?

You’ll find those free JSTOR resources marked with a little “J” icon that looks like this: The same free links appear in the Resources section at the bottom of each story. Our writers are scholars, librarians, journalists, critics, scientists, and—above all—keen observers of the world around them.

Is JSTOR a nonprofit organization?

Until January 2009 JSTOR operated as an independent, self-sustaining nonprofit organization with offices in New York City and in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

How are books linked in JSTOR?

The books are linked with reviews and from citations in journal articles. In September 2014, JSTOR launched JSTOR Daily, an online magazine meant to bring academic research to a broader audience. Posted articles are generally based on JSTOR entries, and some entries provide the backstory to current events.

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