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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Kaiser Permanente offer?

Kaiser Permanente provides a comprehensive benefits package including retirement, medical, dental and vision care. Incredibly comprehensive benefits offered at KP. There is much in terms of incentives and additional supplemental coverage to opt in or out for.

Why I joined Kaiser Permanete?

Five innovative reasons in one: award-winning care, extensive research, groundbreaking technology, environmental stewardship, and innovation centers that are shaping the future of clinical practices and policy. We are happy. CareerBliss lists Kaiser Permanente as one of 2019's 50 Happiest Companies in America!

How often do raises occur at Kaiser Permanente?

How often do raises occur at Kaiser Permanente? If you are a non union employee you will get a raise 1 time a year you will also get a bonus. If you are a union employee you will get two raises a year until the 5 th year you will be at the top wages.

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