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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Kaiser Jeeps?

Kaiser Jeep. Founded by John North Willys, Willys-Overland had survived World War II by producing the Jeep vehicle for the armed forces, and Jeep was considered the crown jewel of Willys-Overland.

Where can I find engine parts for my Jeep or Willys?

Kaiser Willys carries thousands of engine parts for your 1941-1971 Willys or Jeep model in easy to navigate parts categories. Find exactly the engine parts you’ve been searching for, fast.

Why did Kaiser Motors merge with Willys Overland?

Going it alone, Henry J. Kaiser pursued a merger between Kaiser Motors and Willys-Overland, which was arranged in 1953. Kaiser's finances ultimately dictated that he could no longer compete with the established manufacturers in the passenger car business in the U.S., but he saw value in Willys' Jeep line.

What kind of truck is a Willys Jeep?

Under the name "Willys Motors", the Jeep-based truck line continued in the United States including the CJ (Civilian Jeep) Series, all steel Willys Jeep Wagon (station wagon) and Jeep Forward Control FC-150 and FC-170 models that were introduced in 1957.

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