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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kaiser and Willys the same company?

In 1953, Kaiser purchased the assets of the Willys-Overland Corporation, makers of Willys cars and Jeep vehicles, and in 1954 merged the automotive manufacturing assets of both Kaiser and Willys under the name of Willys Motors, Incorporated.

What happened to Kaiser Willys cars?

In 1953, Kaiser bought the ailing Willys-Overland company for US$63,381,175 and merged the Kaiser and Willys operations under the name Kaiser-Willys Corporation. The decision was then made to exit the passenger car market, which was accomplished at the end of the 1955 model year.

What was the original name of Kaiser Motors?

Kaiser Motors, a subsidiary of Kaiser Industries, was a manufacturer of automobiles in the United States from 1946–1963 based in Willow Run, Michigan (USA). The company was also known as Kaiser-Frazer from 1946 to 1951.

Who owns Willys Motors?

The purchase was made by Kaiser-Frazer's wholly owned subsidiary company, Kaiser Manufacturing Corporation. After completing the acquisition, Kaiser Manufacturing Corporation changed its name to Willys Motors, Incorporated.

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