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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the k - rune mean?

The evolution of the rune in the elder futhark during the centuries. The k - rune ᚲ (Younger Futhark ᚴ, Anglo-Saxon futhorc ᚳ) is called Kaun in both the Norwegian and Icelandic rune poems, meaning " ulcer ". The reconstructed Proto-Germanic name is *Kauną. It is also known as Kenaz ("torch"), based on its Anglo-Saxon name.

What does the rune Kauno mean?

Characteristics: This rune is related to light, warmth, fire, enlightenment and knowledge. It lightens the path, dispelling the dark shadows of ignorance. Kauno helps people to see with true discernment. It suggests you that understanding must lead you to take action.

What does the rune Kenaz mean?

Where THURISAZ is the creation of tools, the rune meaning of Kenaz speaks to their skillful use. It signifies the mystery of transformation and our power to create as nature does.

What do the runes mean in the Bible?

The Meanings of the Runes. Phoneme: F. Meaning: wealth. Name: Uruz, “aurochs.” Phoneme: U (long and/or short). Meaning: strength of will. Name: Thurisaz, “ Giant .” Phoneme: Th (both soft and hard). Meaning: danger, suffering. Name: Ansuz, “an Aesir god.” Phoneme: A (long and/or short). Meaning: prosperity, vitality.

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