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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Kaunertal?

Explore the Kaunertal nature park and glacier region from home. In the middle of the icy and pitch black winter night you will experience special celestial events like shooting star nights, meteor showers, full moons.... up close.

Is it safe to visit the Kaunertal Nature Park?

Dear guests, locals and friends of the Kaunertal Nature Park & Glacier Region! The Austrian federal government has imposed a nationwide lockdown for 20 days for everyone from November 22, 2021. These protective measures serve to ensure the safety of guests, employees and the local population.

Is the Kaunertal Glacier ski area still open?

The Kaunertal glacier ski area is also temporarily closed. We hope that the measures will have an effect and that we will probably be able to continue our winter season again from December 13, 2021. Book online safely and without worries ... Cozy hotels and dining rooms in the valley welcome guests after the winter sports activities.

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