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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to the Kaunertal Glacier?

The glacier road meanders like a Meander – ribbon from the bottom of the valley through the mountainworld of Kaunertal to the edge of the glacier at 2,750 meters. With the Kaunertal Glacier lift ticket you can also use the lifts at Fendels Winter Mountain. The small ski area at the entrance to the Kaunertal is ideal for families.

What to do in Hinteres Kaunertal?

Kaunertal Glacier Road - a natural spectacle. As a result of the retreating glacier, a unique natural landscape has opened up in Hinteres Kaunertal (rear Kauner Valley), which to the attentive visitor becomes an ever-changing natural spectacle.

What is the Kaunertal?

The Kaunertal – a valley with apparent contradictions. It is difficult to describe them; they have to be experienced and experienced by yourself. A deeply incised high mountain valley, which at first glance limits the horizon, but nevertheless offers deep insights into a wild natural beauty.

What's new at Stoki kaunertaler?

Stoki Kaunertaler... The new Weißseejochbahn will significantly improve the range of comfortable lifts and new slopes in the glacier ski area. The new 10-person gondola lift leads from the middle station of the Ochsenalm lift over 600 metres in altitude to the Weißseejoch at 3,044 metres.

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