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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose kaykayak connection for sea kayaking?

Kayak Connection mostly rents closed-decked kayaks in the Elkhorn Slough. This novelty allows our customers to experience a unique sea kayaking adventure that they won’t find at our competitor’s locations.

Why hire a kayak guide?

All Kayak Connection guides are talented naturalists with tons of knowledge about the local environment, in addition to being skilled kayakers with rescue training. A guide will be able to point out animals and interesting features that you very likely would have paddled right by without noticing during a rental excursion.

Where can I rent a kayak in Monterey Bay?

Your one stop destination for sea kayaking & stand-up paddling rentals, instruction, and tours in Santa Cruz, California and in Moss Landing at Elkhorn Slough. Kayak Connection is Monterey Bay’s favorite outfitter for sea kayaking and paddleboarding rentals, sales, lessons and tours. Spend the day exploring with friends or relaxing on your own.

Why choose a double kayak?

Our double kayaks are all equipped with rudders to help for easier maneuvering in windy conditions. These closed-decked kayaks are extremely stable, with plenty of room to store snacks, water and extra equipment that you may wish to bring with you on your paddle.

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