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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about keeper?

Remove the pain from having to remember passwords ever again. Protect your passwords and personal information with Keeper® - the leading secure password manager and digital vault. Keeper offers unlimited password storage for everyone - generate, store, and AutoFill strong passwords on all your devices while securely storing private documents.

What can you do with Keeper Password Manager?

• Securely share individual passwords or files with people you trust. • Save time, stay organized, and in control with our AutoFill feature, KeeperFill®. Both convenient and secure, KeeperFill makes signing in to your favorite websites a breeze on any device.

Who is my brother's keeper county of Los Angeles?

Welcome to the County of Los Angeles My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) website. We along with cities in the County and throughout the nation accepted the call to intentionally improve the outcomes for boys and men of color. This site provides information on our efforts.

What kind of security does a keeper have?

Welcome to Your Keeper Vault! Keeper uses a proprietary Zero-Knowledge Security Architecture so that you are in complete control over the access to your information.

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