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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you store strawberries in the refrigerator?

Whole strawberries that are placed in the refrigerator generally last five to seven days. Strawberries stored in the freezer stay good for six to eight months. Storing strawberries that are not rinsed in an airtight container also helps keep them fresh.

What is the best way to store strawberries?

The best way to keep strawberries fresh is by giving them a rinse right before eating to avoid moldy strawberries. Place Here's how to store strawberries: place them in a single layer in a shallow bowl, rimmed plate or a large GladWare® food protection container that has been lined with a paper towel.

How to make strawberries last longer?

According to, the secret ingredient for making your strawberries last longer is vinegar. That’s plain, white vinegar, which you probably already have in the house! Because it’s non-toxic and a natural antibacterial, vinegar has so many helpful uses around the house.

How do you keep berries fresh longer?

Keep strawberries for longer by freezing them. Freeze whole strawberries in airtight storage containers or plastic freezer bag for up to eight months. Place cut strawberries in an airtight container or plastic freezer bag and sprinkle with granulated sugar -- about a 1/4 cup of sugar for every 1/2 quart of berries.

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