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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Kelly Price's mother?

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Kelly Price, 47, announced on Monday that her mother, Claudia Price-North, passed away over the weekend.

What happened to Claudia price's mother?

Price shared a screenshot message confirming that her mother, a devoted Evangelist, died on October 18 in Columbia, South Carolina. She added that service arrangements would follow. She described Claudia as a woman with a cheerful spirit. With her mother’s passing, Price shared that she will be deeply missed.

What happened to Renee Price's sister?

Before her mother’s passing, her sister who made an impact in her life tragically died in 2014. The death of her sister took a heavy toll on her. Because of the pain she felt, Price made a difficult decision in 2015 to divorce Jeffrey Rolle, her husband of 23 years.

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