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Who are some famous women architects in America?

1 Leola Hall (1881–1930), first female architect in Berkeley, California 2 Frances Halsband (born 1943), AIA design committee 3 Alice Hands, co-founder of Gannon and Hands 4 Sarah P. ... 5 Georgia Louise Harris Brown (1918–1999), second African American woman to become a licensed architect in the United States More items...

Who was the first female architect in Kenya?

Kenya Eugenie Dorothy Hughes (1910–1987) first Kenyan and first East African female architect Erica Mann (1917–2007), town planner and architect, Architect Laureate Emma Miloyo, partner in Design Source in Nairobi, first woman to chair the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) Architects' Chapter

Who are some famous women architects in Israel?

Israel Lotte Cohn (1898–1983), German born; pioneering figure in Israeli architecture Dora Gad (1912–2003), influential interior designer Ada Karmi-Melamede (born 1936), Supreme Court of Israel, numerous educational buildings Nitza Metzger-Szmuk (born 1945), conservation work in Tel Aviv

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