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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate Camtasia on a new computer?

Select "Camtasia" and choose "Activate". Then locate the Camtasia software key. Step 3. Copy the key to activate the software on a new computer. Option 3. Using "This PC" to Find Camtasia Software Key

What's new In Camtasia for Mac?

The simplified zoom-n-pan experience from Camtasia Windows is now available on Mac. Camtasia 2021's new Emphasize audio effect makes it easy to create a balance among all the sounds in your video. Easily choose your primary audio track and automatically duck the others into the background.

How to find Camtasia license key 25 characters?

Option 1. How to Find Camtasia Product Key by EaseUS Todo PCTrans There is nothing more convenient than using the product key extractor in case to search the Camtasia license key. To quickly get 25 characters number, we recommend such software key finder, EaseUS Todo PCTrans, to help you.

Can I use Lottie animations In Camtasia 2021?

Add animations with ease. Camtasia 2021 now provides the ability to import and use Lottie animation files in your video projects. Global shortcut keys and key frame jumping make it simple to navigate between animation points across your entire project.

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