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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about keyboarding Without Tears?

The Keyboarding Without Tears application is your entry to the first step in digital learning for K–5 that teaches typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship, and online test prep.

How much does a keyboarding Without Tears license cost?

Keyboarding licenses for as low as $2.85* for districts, schools and classrooms. Request a quote. Keyboarding Without Tears makes it easy to teach the pre-keyboarding and keyboarding skills students need to succeed with any assignment, in any setting.

Do you need a code for Handwriting Without Tears?

We love using Handwriting without Tears for my twin boys' kindergarten home schooling and we absolutely love it. This app is meant to be used in conjunction with the HWT program and you will need to purchase a code for it from their website (you cannot do this via the app).

What can I do with Learning Without Tears?

Learning Without Tears provides solutions to develop the foundation skills your students need to become successful communicators. Reimagine Handwriting. Try our NEW digital teaching platform for no-prep handwriting instruction with animations, digital letter formations, and more.

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