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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is an example of a keyword?

Keywords Feature. The purpose of the Feature keyword is to provide a high-level description of a software feature, and to group related scenarios. Descriptions. ... Rule. ... Example. ... Steps. ... Background. ... Tips for using Background. ... Scenario Outline. ...

What are examples of key words?

Examples of key word in a Sentence. Andreas Andreadis: The key word is stability. Le Pen: The key word will be pragmatism, not ideology. Jose Mariano Beltrame: It's not a question of race, the key word for police involvement is vulnerability.

What are key words?

Definition of key word. : a word that is a key: such as. a usually keyword \ ˈkē-​ˌwərd \ : a significant word from a title or document used especially as an index to content.

What are keyword searches?

A keyword search is a basic search technique, where the user enters words into a search engine and is provided with a list of all of the documents that contain those specific words. Think of the last time you used your favorite internet search engine to find crock pot recipes.

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