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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Keywords Studios and what do they do?

We Are Keywords Studios. The video games industry represents the pinnacle of interactive digital content. At Keywords, we are using our passion for games, technology and media to create a global services platform for video games and beyond.

Where are the Keywords Studios in Leopardstown located?

Keywords Studios is headquartered at Whelan House in the South County Business Park of Leopardstown. As of September 2017, the company leases the entire ground floor and parts of the first and lower ground floor of Whelan House for €422,722.

How is working at Keywords Studios in Lakshya?

Am thrilled that Lakshya has a culture of rewarding good talent as within 3 years I have been promoted as a Senior Artist. Along with my team, have worked on some really high-quality content for many top-of-the line AAA titles. Working here has been rewarding, informative and experiential in a fun-filled environment.

How many words does Keywords Studios translate per year?

Translating around 250m words per year, Keywords Studios creatively adapts and translates text assets that appear in the game. We successfully marry the use of translation tools with the creative endeavour that is effectively about retelling the story of the game in another language.

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