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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the beer Kilkenny come from in Ireland?

It now refers to a similar yet distinct beer. Kilkenny was brewed in St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, which was the oldest operating brewery in Ireland until its closure in 2013. It is now brewed at St. James's Gate brewery, Dublin. It is served in similar manner to Guinness; fully risen with a head of ¾ to 1" approx.

Is the Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale available in California?

Beer is not eligible for shipping to California. *Price, vintage and availability may vary by store. Ireland- Irish Red Ale- Pours a clear reddish-brown color. A sweet, creamy aroma of roasted caramel malts, barley, and wheat.

Where to buy Kilkenny light beer in KY?

You can get it here in Ky at most Irish bars and festivals, I dont know if its the Guiness or Smithwicks version. I only buy it on draft and it is perhaps one of the prettiest pours in a glass I have ever seen. Dont know if its the one you had overseas and its like a Guiness light as noted above and a decent brew

How old is the Smithwick's brewery in Kilkenny?

While it is true some of the brewing processes are similar, the Smithwick's brewery boasts a 300 year old story that is unique and fascinating in itself. Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny Deirdre

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