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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first castle in Kilkenny Ireland?

The 12th century stone castle that stands today at Kilkenny was probably not the first castle on the site. Just a few decades prior, a wooden castle was built in the same location by the 2nd Earl of Pembroke. For nearly 600 years, the Castle was the home of a powerful Irish family.

Is it possible to go back to Kilkenny Castle?

Go back in time to a 12th Century castle, remodelled and restored and set in 1830's splendour and extensive parklands: includes art gallery and playground. Publications are also on sale. Few buildings in Ireland can boast a longer history of continuous occupation than Kilkenny Castle.

Who was the Seneschal of Kilkenny in the 1300s?

The castle was owned by the seneschal of Kilkenny Sir Gilbert De Bohun who inherited the county of Kilkenny and castle from his mother in 1270, in 1300 he was outlawed by Edward I but was reinstated in 1303, he held the castle until his death in 1381.

What was the name of the medieval castle in Ireland?

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland: Two Modern Sieges in a Medieval Castle. Kilkenny Castle is one of the most recognisable – and most visited – buildings in Ireland. Kilkenny Castle was founded in Medieval times, but its most significant moments have been played out during more recent history.

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