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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kilkenny Castle unique among Irish castles?

Kilkenny Castle is unique among Irish castles. At the heart of the building is a medieval castle, a strong fortification. The medieval castle however, rather than being abandoned like most castles in Ireland, remained an active living space for nearly six hundred years. During this time, it underwent many changes following the different fashions.

How long has Kilkenny Castle been open to the public?

Founded soon after the Norman conquest of Ireland, the Castle has been rebuilt, extended and adapted to suit changing circumstances and uses over a period of 800 years. Today, Kilkenny Castle is open to visitors all year round and is largely a Victorian remodelling of the thirteenth century defensive Castle.

Who was the Seneschal of Kilkenny in the 1300s?

The castle was owned by the seneschal of Kilkenny Sir Gilbert De Bohun who inherited the county of Kilkenny and castle from his mother in 1270, in 1300 he was outlawed by Edward I but was reinstated in 1303, he held the castle until his death in 1381.

When did the Butler family leave Kilkenny Castle?

George Butler, Earl of Ossory and his family remained living in the castle until 1935, when they sold its contents for £6,000, moved to London, and abandoned it for thirty years. The impact of rising taxes, death duties, economic depression and living costs had taken their toll.

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