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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there only two cats of Kilkenny?

There once were two cats of Kilkenny. Instead of two cats, there weren’t any. ‘The Two Cats of Kilkenny’ is formally a limerick, and like many such rhymes, anonymous. The rhyme refers to a cruel game involving tying the tails of cats together and allowing them to fight to the death.

What does the Limerick fight like a Kilkenny cat Mean?

To "fight like a Kilkenny cat" refers to an old story about two cats who fought to the death and ate each other up such that only their tails were left. There is also a limerick (with optional added couplet) about the two cats:

Who is the leader of the Kilkenny Cats?

"Mighty Mouse and the Kilkenny Cats" is a 1945 cartoon in which Mighty Mouse saves the mice of Manhattan from a gang of cats whose leader's name is Kilkenny. [151] The Kilkenny Beer Festival, sponsored by Smithwick's and held 1964–1974, included a cat show as one of the events.

What are the advantages of living in Kilkenny?

The advantages of Kilkenny are admirably stated in a poem entitled “Mattheo and Honora: A Tale,” composed about 1750: Kilkenny justly the precedence boasts. The silver bottom of her winding Nore.

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