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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Kilkenny Cats and what do they do?

The Kilkenny cats are a fabled pair of cats from County Kilkenny (or Kilkenny city in particular) in Ireland, who fought each other so ferociously that only their tails remained at the end of the battle. Often the absurd implication is that they have eaten each other.

What kind of band is the alley cats?

For the doo-wop group, see The Alley Cats (doo-wop group). For the Malaysian band, see Alleycats (Malaysian rock band). Alley Cats flyer for August 7, 1982 show at Night Train, Tucson, Arizona. The Alley Cats are a Los Angeles, California -based punk rock trio formed in 1977.

What does the Limerick fight like a Kilkenny cat Mean?

To "fight like a Kilkenny cat" refers to an old story about two cats who fought to the death and ate each other up such that only their tails were left. There is also a limerick (with optional added couplet) about the two cats:

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