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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Kilkenny Cats and what do they do?

The Kilkenny cats are a fabled pair of cats from County Kilkenny (or Kilkenny city in particular) in Ireland, who fought each other so ferociously that only their tails remained at the end of the battle. Often the absurd implication is that they have eaten each other.

Who are the members of The Kilkennys band?

Picking up the mantle left by acts such as The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers, the 4 piece group continue to conquer tour circuits in Europe and the U.S. In the past years The Kilkennys have shared the stage with renowned Irish artists such as Shane McGowan, Sharron Shannon and Finbar Furey.

Who is the singer of Homeland by The Kilkennys?

The Kilkennys release ‘Homeland’ video, a song written by legendary singer songwriter Mick Hanly and featuring Ireland’s best loved choir Arís Celebration Choir (formerly known as Kilkenny Presentation School Choir – who reached 2016 Britain’s Got Talent semi-final).... OUT NOW! The Kilkennys Feat.

Where did The Kilkennys perform in 2016?

Continuing their hectic tour schedule 2016 saw the band perform on the main stage at Milwaukee Irish Fest - the largest Irish Festival in the world. “The Kilkennys are a great band upholding the Irish Folk/Ballad tradition with a contemporary style.

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