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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Kilkenny City their home games?

The club hails from Kilkenny and used Buckley Park as their home pitch. Buckley Park has hosted many International under age soccer games. Kilkenny City will be entering the under 20 division this season which run co-currently with the schoolboy season (August to May).

When did Kilkenny City FC change their name?

The soon changed colour to claret and blue, before changing again to claret and amber when being renamed Kilkenny City AFC in 1989. The club EMFA joined the League of Ireland in 1985 after having an unbeaten season before hand, winning both the Junior league and cup in 1984.

When is Kilkenny Rugby Football Club recruitment night?

Kilkenny RFC will hold a recruitment night for U14 Girls (born 2007 or 2008) next Monday (Oct 19th). Venue - Foulkstown Date - Monday Oct... As part of the Level 3 Covid restrictions which are now in place for the entire country, ALL Club matches have been cancelled (with excep...

When did Kilkenny City play in the League of Ireland?

In their maiden season Kilkenny City then known as EMFA, (from 1985–1989) finished tenth in the First Division. Their first League of Ireland game was played on 8 October 1985 at home to Derry City and ended in a 1–1 draw.

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