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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a radio station in Kilkenny Ireland?

KCLR 96FM is a broadcast radio station in Kilkenny, Ireland, providing Community News, Talk and Entertainment.

Where can I listen to Kclr live in Kilkenny?

Listen to the online radio of KCLR live, which started its broadcast in 2004, and operates as a commercial radio station in its Kilkenny studios, with analogue availability in County Kilkenny and County Carlow. The radio is in the ownership of CK Broadcasting Ltd.

Why is KCLR called the heart of Carlow Kilkenny?

The station's slogan "The Heart of Carlow Kilkenny" is taken from the idea that the shape of the two counties, as they appear on maps, form the shape of a heart. More recently KCLR96fm is adopting the additional " Your Life, Your Music, Your Station !". This as part of its revamped imaging. This is KCLR Kilkenny Ireland.

What kind of music is on KCLR 96FM?

The radio's schedule also brings some documentaries and dramas in the air. The music repertoire of KCLR 96FM is similarly extensive as its talk-content, so the general pop music-kit from the last 30 years is expanded with specialist music programmes, in which indie, country, folk, rock, traditional Irish and Irish country music fill the playlist.

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