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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dante Fox on Lucha Underground?

Enter Dante Fox, played by T.J. Ballester, a wrestler Strickland has performed with many times. Ballester joined “Lucha Underground” in 2016 after making a name for himself alongside Strickland in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), an ultraviolent New Jersey indie fed known for its annual “Cage of Death” match.

What happened in the 'Lucha Underground' Season 3 finale?

That trust culminated on that gory summer night in Boyle Heights, as “Lucha Underground” filmed its Season 3 finale. Killshot and Fox faced off in “The Hell of War,” a best-of-three hardcore series that saw the pair stun the crowd as they threw each other through barbed wire boards and glass panes.

Why is killkillshot so popular?

Killshot gained a reputation for being one of the most versatile wrestlers in the cast, capable of putting on technically sound matches with Mexican luchadors or getting brutal in hardcore matches. Strickland says that’s always been his goal.

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