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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Killshot?

What is the Killshot? During the top-secret Remote Viewing (RV) CIA and U.S. Army research program, trained viewers that were normally tasked with foreseeing the outcome of war related events began picking up on a future occurrence that appeared to mark a dramatic shift in global life.

How do you do the kill shot?

Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify the target. Take a breath...and pull the trigger to make the Kill Shot. We need confirmed kills soldier. Good luck out there. - Over 800 first person shooter missions to complete.

What is the meaning of Killshot by Machine Gun Kelly?

“Killshot” is a response to Machine Gun Kelly’s “RAP DEVIL,” which was in itself a response to “Not Alike” from Eminem’s 2018 album, Kamikaze. The diss track dropped eleven days after “RAP DEVIL” and was discussed during Eminem’s four-part interview with Sway.

Is kill shot a registered trademark of Hothead Games?

©2018 Hothead Games Inc., Hothead, and Kill Shot are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hothead Games Inc., all rights reserved. Loading…

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