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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enable audio on Kindle?

Activating sound on the Kindle is an easy task if you know where to look. Turn on the Kindle by locating the power switch found on the back of the device. Locate the volume control found on the bottom of Kindle. Increase the volume by pressing the "+" button until the desired level of sound is reached.

How do I get audible books on my Kindle?

Run the AudibleManager program. Click on "Activate" under the Devices menu and select "Amazon Kindle" from the drop-down menu. Use the AudibleManager software to transfer audio books to the Amazon Kindle. A user can also manually move audible files onto Kindle by placing the files in the Kindle's "audible" directory.

How do I use audible on Kindle Fire?

If you just want to listen to the book, tap Audiobooks on your Fire's Home screen, tap Cloud to view the books in your Audible library, and tap one to begin playing it. 2. To listen to the audio along with your Kindle book, open the Kindle book, tap the center of the screen, and tap the play icon at the bottom.

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