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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you remove DRM from Kindle books?

Removing DRM from Kindle Books Step 1: Download and install Kindle for PC and Calibre for Windows on your computer. Step 2: Download Alf’s DRM removal tools and extract the content to a folder in your computer. Step 3: Now run the Calibre tool on your computer.

How can I get free books on my Kindle?

Check out all of the available books in the Kindle store. You can browse by category such as "bestsellers" or "non-fiction" by tapping "Browse books" or you can search for specific titles by typing the name of the book in the search field. You can also search "free books" for a list of available free books.

What are DRM free or watermarked ebooks?

Secure means DRM is applied. DRM-free means it is not. Even if the ebook is DRM-free it may state it is "digitally watermarked". The watermark will not restrict you from using the ebook in any way. For more information see the Social DRM section below.

Do Google Play Books have DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) options for books on Google Play. DRM is intended to protect the content owner and keep e-books secure from unauthorized sharing. If you choose to make your book available on Google Play without DRM, then consumers will have more flexibility in using the content file.

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