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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Amazon Fire 7 the 5th generation?

This guide is applicable for both old and new generation (5th and 7th generation) Amazon Fire 7 tablets. Over the past few years, Amazon has been making aggressive moves to dominate the hardware market. They have introduced low-cost tablets, smart home devices, e-readers, and other gadgets. I am in love with many of Amazon’s tech gadgets.

What's the latest firmware for the Kindle Fire?

If KingRoot doesn’t support Fire OS 5.12.1 or higher at the time of reading this, you’ll need to downgrade your Kindle Fire firmware. UPDATE 06/15/2018: Some users in the comments have pointed out that the latest generation of Kindle Fire hardware and firmware may not be compatible with this tutorial.

How to download firmware for Amazon Fire HD 8?

Download Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Generation) official stock firmware from the link here, and follow the provided flashing instructions to learn how to flash the stock rom. If you notice that any of the links provided below is broken or doesn’t work, please post in comments section so we fix and update it ASAP.

What kind of ROM does Amazon Fire 7 use?

I used to own a Fire 7 5th gen tablet on which I loaded CyanogenMod. On the 7th generation Fire 7 tablet, Amazon had apparently learned from its past mistakes and patched the exploit that allowed custom ROMs to run.

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