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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy the Kindle Fire at Walmart?

A vast majority of Kindle sales, however, still come from the Amazon Web site. The Kindle Fire HD won't be available at Wal-Mart anymore. Josh Miller/CNET Wal-Mart will no longer sell Amazon's Kindle products, highlighting the tensions between the online and physical retail worlds.

What is the best case for Kindle Fire?

The Slim Folding Cover Case is one of the best choice for the for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6. It grants an excellent protection to your tablet and adds durability while maintaining its functionality and style.

Do Kindle Fire tablets have SIM card?

Amazon will use eSim Cards in Future Kindles and Fire Tablets. Amazon sources have confirmed to Good e-Reader that future Kindle e-Reader and Fire tablets will utilize eSim Cards instead of Micro Sim Cards. This new technology will prevent users from using their own cards and bypassing AT&T.

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