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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you root a Kindle Fire without a computer?

How To Root Kindle Fire 2 Without Computer Download KingRoot.apk Browse the app using a file manager. Install the app normally by just tap on the app. After the installation completed, run the KingRoot application normally. You need a working Internet connection on your tablet to make this work.

How do you root a Kindle?

Use the USB cord. Root your Kindle. Once you plugged in your Kindle, some lines of codes will appear, and you will know that it is done when it stops entering lines. When it stops, unlock your Kindle by pressing the “Power” button, and sliding the lock.

How do you Jailbreak a Kindle Fire?

Plug your Kindle into your computer with a USB cable. Head to MobileRead and download the jailbreak ZIP file. Unzip the file inside that ZIP file. Copy the entire contents of the Kindle-5.4 unzipped folder onto the root folder on your Kindle. Eject and unplug your Kindle.

Which Kindle do I have?

The easiest way to identify kindle model is to check Kindle device information on the packing box. At the packing box, the Kindle model information and the distinguish features of this model will be printed on the box. According these information, you can tell which kindle you have.

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