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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kissanime?

KissAnime was an anime -focused file streaming website that hosted links and embedded videos, allowing users to stream or download movies and TV shows illegally for free. It was a sister site to a related manga viewing website, KissManga. KissAnime was described as "one of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites".

Is kissanime ru the best anime torrent site?

For international anime fans, KissAnime ru was no less than a boon as the website featured a massive library of anime torrents. Almost all the popular titles were available on KissAnime. It was so famous that a recent report revealed that it was the most searched website on The Pirate Bay. Also, KissAnime ad block feature was loved by its viewers.

How to watch IMDb anime without kissanime?

For every individual who feels like all the kissanime’s alternatives have stopped working, you should check the Anime Karma anime streaming site. Anime Karma is the best when you want to stream the top IMDB anime and shows. This site also provides the tv programs and shows as an additional choice to navigate through the content with no problems.

What is the best kissanime replacement?

Anime Planet is an ideal KissAnime replacement, and there are around 40,000 legal anime available on this website. So, you can use it without any fears. Launched in 2001, Anime Planet has been doing a great job since then and entertaining international audiences with HD anime content.

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