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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Ball Z better subbed or dubbed?

There are only few anime where I prefer the dubbed version, Dragon Ball Z just had that charm and feel to it, it had a lot more emotion in it than any of your typical dubbed anime nowadays, that's why I loved it, so hype. Like I actually get pumped watching the dubbed version.

What DBZ episode is Goten vs Baby?

The Baby Saga (スーパーベビー編, Sūpā Bebī Hen, lit. "Super Baby Arc") is the second saga of Dragon Ball GT. The first half of this saga covers the Dragon Team's battle against the Machine Mutants of Planet M-2, while the second half covers the evil Tuffle Baby's genocidal campaign against the Saiyans. In contrast to the previous 16 episodes, this saga has a more dramatic, action ...

Is DBZ Kai Buu Saga dubbed yet?

The Kai Buu Saga is actually set to air on Toonami January 7, 2017. And is finished being dubbed. For future, and factual, updates, I recommend following youtuber geekdom101, who reports only confirmed facts like this, almost as soon as they are confirmed.

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