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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the first Kleenmaid washing machine made?

Kleenmaid was established on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 1984. Its first product was an American manufactured washing machine sold through appliance service agents. These agents recommended the Kleenmaid product whilst attending to service calls on other brands of washing machines in the consumer's home.

Where is the company Kleenmaid located in Australia?

Kleenmaid today is based in Alexandria, Sydney and sells its products via a network of kitchen manufacturers and independent electrical retailers. Kleenmaid was established on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 1984.

Why did Kleenmaid use to pay service agents?

Kleenmaid used to pay big cash incentives to appliance service agents (plus taking them on junkets to the USA & Europe) if they would recommend the Kleenmaid products, so again naive consumer thought to themselves... "You can't trust sales people, but if the local washing machine service guy said Kleenmaid is the best, then that is the one to buy!"

Is the Kleenmaid brand coming back to the market?

Beware - Kleenmaid are coming back ! If you are in the market to get stooged out of your hard earned money to buy heavily over priced appliances, then you'll be glad to hear the Kleenmaid brand is being resurrected.....

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