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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get spare parts for my Kleenmaid dishwasher?

We have Kleenmaid Dishwasher parts, Kleenmaid Ovens spare parts, Kleenmaid Cook Top spare part s, Kleemaind Washing Machine spare parts and many other Kleenmaid appliances spare parts. If the part you require for your Kleenmaid Appliance is not listed here, please contact us with your Model number and we will source it for you.

What kind of washing machine is the Kleenmaid?

The Kleenmaid company sold Kleenmaid Washing machines (rebadged speedqueens), Kleenmaid front-loaders, (rebadged gorenjes from slovenia), Kleenmaid dishwashers, (rebadged brandt), Kleenmaid ovens, and Kleenmaid Refrigerators. (rebadged GE)

Can you buy Kleenmaid appliances from Doug Smith?

Kleenmaid appliance never manufactured appliances, they simply imported them and re-badged them. This is good news for owners of Kleenmaid appliances, because it means Doug Smith Spares can still buy the parts for most Kleenmaid appliances.

Are there spare parts for the Speed Queen washing machine?

We also provide spare parts for Speed Queen branded washing machines. We ensure our most popular Kleenmaid parts are always in stock – including elements, seals, filters, PCB’s, fans, globes, knobs and more to get you the spare parts you need with fast Australia wide delivery.

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