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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to repair a pre 1980 speed washer?

Parts for the old (pre-1980) fluid drive machines are generally not available anymore, and they are no longer economical to repair, so they are no longer included in this manual. If you have one of these fluid-drive machines, you'd best be thinking about getting a new machine.

What kind of motor does a late model washing machine have?

Late model washing machines have a direct-reversing motor, and the transmission is belt-driven directly off a motor pulley. (Figure SN-1) Until the early '90's they used a second belt to drive the pump; these are commonly referred to in the parts stores as "two-belt" machines.

How do you remove agitator from Speed Queen washer?

First, unplug the motor electrical harness block from the motor. Release belt tension by slipping the belt off the transmission pulley. Disconnect the hoses from the pump. (Water will run out, so have a towel handy!) You can then remove the four motor platform mounting screws, and rock the motor and pump assembly out.

Is the Kleenmaid washer and Dryer still working?

It cleans my queen mink blankets, no bath tubs or dry cleaners for heavy jobs. This Kleenmaid has done some miles, taken some knocks and Large loads of washing not a problem. So far spent zero money on repairs but it does need a new dial $20 online. "1" Awesome machine over 12yrs and still working.

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