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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Kleenmaid washing machine in Australia?

There are not many washing machines as durable and hard working as Kleenmaid washing machines. Although more than two decades have passed since the first Kleenmaid washing machines were sold in Australia we still undertake full rebuilds and various other repair services on them. Call us today to talk about how our Kleenmaid washing machine repairs.

Who are the experts in Kleenmaid appliance repairs?

We’re the experts in Kleenmaid appliance repairs. We are well known and trusted service agents for Kleenmaid repairs in Brisbane, and have been since 1998. Our team of expert technicians are fully qualified, licensed, and trained. Our vans come stocked with a large range of common Kleenmaid parts.

How to remove the agitator from a Kleenmaid heavy duty washer?

We have a Kleenmaid KAW 793W 3050 washer, & the timer knob no longer engages with the mechanism. I have tried removing the timer, but the … read more Vocational, Technical or Tra... Hi Kelly. I have a Kleenmaid KAW693W-3050 that wont wash. Hi Kelly. I have a Kleenmaid KAW693W-3050 that won't wash.

Are there spare parts for the Speed Queen washing machine?

We also provide spare parts for Speed Queen branded washing machines. We ensure our most popular Kleenmaid parts are always in stock – including elements, seals, filters, PCB’s, fans, globes, knobs and more to get you the spare parts you need with fast Australia wide delivery.

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