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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Kleenmaid heavy duty washing machine?

Imagine a washing machine with unique features that provide a better, gentler and more economical wash result. The Kleenmaid Eco Sensitive LWT1210 12kg top load, heavy duty washing machine with gentle pulse wash technology does this and more. The multi-directional variable pulse impeller is the key to the efficacy of the Kleenmaid LWT1210.

Who is the company that makes Kleenmaid washers?

Just to clarify, Kleenmaid never made washing machines. They imported their top loaders from the USA and re-branded them. The washers are made by Speed Queen, which is a brand that's been around for almost a hundred years. The company that makes these washers is a premium name in commercial laundry circles.

Why did my Kleenmaid stop working after 30 years?

At 30 years of service it developed a small leak. Finally the motor began to lose power and did not spin fast enough. It still worked when I said goodbye, but it just didn't work well enough, and the quotes for repair were far too high. It served a family of six for most of its life.

Are there any good Kleenmaid top loaders left?

The Speed Queen top loaders were about the only decent thing Kleenmaid rebadged and sold – the rest of their range was third grade crap sourced from a mish-mash of european factories and sold to naive people at exhorbitant prices.

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