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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about knixwear underwear?

Making Knixwear bras and underwear as functional and as comfortable as possible. For women looking for a sports bra, a bra for breastfeeding, or a bra for comfort—Knixwear is determined to give their customers comfort and satisfaction.

Who is the CEO of the brand KNIX?

Knix — an undergarment brand known for fashionable leakproof underwear — just released a lingerie campaign centered around women ages 50 to 81 in honor of International Women’s Day on Sunday. “The inspiration for this video is pretty simple,” Knix CEO Joanna Griffiths says on

What are the different types of KNIX Bras?

These bras are “comfortable and supportive for large breasts too, with no wires and no distractions.” There are three different Knix sports bras to choose from: Catalyst Sports Bra, Racerback Evolution Bra, and Longevity Bra.

Who are the women in the KNIX video?

“Society as a whole has pretended that women over a certain age don’t exist. We want to celebrate women of all ages and really honor the fact that we’re beautiful at any age.” Elizabeth Robbins, 75, models lingerie for Knix. Sise Drummond

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