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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is KSTP 5?

In 1985, she moved to Minneapolis and anchored the news on what was WUSA and then KARE, Channel 11, and then KSTP, Channel 5.

What happened to Jackie Cain KSTP?

The broadcaster has been with the ABC affiliate since 2018. KSTP-TV Jackie Cain’s last day at KSTP is Aug. 19. KSTP anchor Jackie Cain is leaving the station. Cain, who has been a key member of the "5 Eyewitness News" team since 2018, is moving back to her native Pittsburgh where her husband resides.

Why did sue Linquist leave KSTP?

She left KSTP to run a farm market at Lake City, Minn. She then worked in communications on behalf of Pepin Heights Orchards and also did publicity work for the Prairie Island Tribal Council in Red Wing, Minn. In a brief profile in the Star Tribune in 1999, Linquist said she was content with her life's path and would not want to redo anything.

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