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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all ladybugs red with black dots on their body?

Not all ladybugs are red with black dots. Some types of ladybugs (lady beetles) are black with red spots, other ladybugs are white with tiny black markings, whereas others have striped bodies. Species of ladybugs range from just over 1 mm in length to over 10 mm.

What is the name of the two-spotted ladybug?

Hadda beetle originates in India and is prevalent in some countries in the Southern Hemisphere. This red species of lady beetle, the two-spotted ladybug, is called so due to the two spots on its back. One of the striking features of this type of lady beetle is the 2 large white spots on the pronotum.

How many different types of ladybugs are there?

There are about 150 species of ladybugs in the United States. Some of the common types of ladybugs are Convergent ladybug, California lady beetle, seven-spotted ladybug (C7), 22-spot ladybug, Cardinal ladybird, and pink spotted lady beetle.

What kind of ladybird has 7 spots on its back?

The seven-spotted ladybird is one of the most common native ladybirds you will find in Europe. This is sometimes called C-7 for short. Despite being common in Europe, the C-7 has been successfully introduced into states in the US. This type of ladybird has 7 spots on its back.

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