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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pay for a building permit in Lafayette?

The stay may be appealed to the City Council. Fees are based on the estimated value of work being done. Payment is due when permits are issued. You may pay with check, cash, or credit card- Visa or MasterCard only (the city does not accept credit cards over the fax or phone at this time).

Who is the permitting Division for Lafayette Parish?

The LCG Permitting Division is a “one stop shop” for all your permitting and licensing needs in the City of Lafayette and the Unincorporated Area of Lafayette Parish.

What do you need to know about building permits?

Building permits are categorized according to the type of construction activity and some will require an application and review before the permit can be issued. Below is a list of permit applications related to construction that require an application and approval prior to permitting

Who is responsible for building codes in Louisiana?

The Codes Division of the Development and Planning Department is charged with the responsibility of implementing the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council (LSUCCC) Codes so that everyone can be assured of a safe place to live, shop, be entertained and to worship.

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