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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lamps plus?

Based in the Southwestern U.S., Lamps Plus is a large lighting retailer that sells lamps, furniture and home decor at mid-range prices. In addition to lamps, light fixtures and ceiling fans, Lamps Plus sells furniture like sofas, desks and cabinets, as well as a variety of home decor items, including mirrors, fountains and bedding.

Where can I buy light fixtures for my home?

for your home. Lamps Plus offers a complete selection of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. From stylish ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers and trend-setting ceiling fans to thousands of designer lamps and lamp shades that are in-stock and ready to ship.

Is lamps plus reliable and good?

In general, Lamps Plus is reliable and has good customer service with quick responses via phone and chat. Items found under the Open Box section offer deep discounts — sometimes as high as 70%.

What is the average price of a sofa at levellamps plus?

Lamps Plus inventory offers mostly mid-range pricing, although it has a handful of low-range and high-end products. For example, the price of a full-size sofa ranges from $625 to $4,750. The majority of these selections are in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, which is considered an average price for a sofa.

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