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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 'Lancaster" is called 'Lancaster'?

In 1876 the Southern Pacific completed the line through the Antelope Valley, linking San Francisco and Los Angeles . The origin of Lancaster's name is unclear, attributed variously to the surname of a railroad station clerk , the moniker given by railroad officials, or the former Pennsylvania home ( Lancaster, Pennsylvania) of unknown settlers.

How many people live in Lancaster?

Lancaster (/ˈlæŋkəstər/, /ˈlænkæs-/) is the county town of Lancashire, England. It is on the River Lune and has a population of 52,234; the wider City of Lancaster local government district has a population of 138,375.

Where is the best place to stay in Lancaster PA?

While Lancaster County Pennsylvania provides accommodations for guests seeking lodging, an alternative to a hotel, motel or lodge would be a quiet Bed and Breakfast in the area around Lancaster. You can getaway to one of the best places to stay in Lancaster pa in a luxurious and unique historic house run as a bed and Breakfast in Lancaster PA.

What to see in Lancaster?

Things To Do in Lancaster County. Regardless of your interests, Lancaster County offers a range of activities. Watch a minor league baseball game with the Lancaster Barnstormers, visit a fun and kid-friendly amusement park like Dutch Wonderland, experience unique Amish attractions such as working farms and museums, or even take a buggy ride!

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