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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lancaster puppies a legit breeder?

Do your research on the breeder you chose and always if doing a long distance transaction use a breeder that accepts pay pal of the consumer safety group they protect both seller and consumer. But yes Lancaster puppies is legit Do your research .

What is lovelancaster puppies?

Lancaster Puppies is part of a criminal network of people posting puppies for sale online--they are scammers and getting rich off the emotional purchase of a puppy. Anne Brown, Missy Castor, Chelle Hochstetler, and many more alias names that they use.

Where does levellancaster puppies rank among classifieds sites?

Lancaster Puppies ranks 12th among Classifieds sites. How would you rate Lancaster Puppies? We found our perfect little guy, Bandit, on Lancaster Puppies.

Is launchlancaster puppies a scam or a legit site?

Lancaster Puppies is a legitimate site connecting people who would like to sell their puppies with people who would like to buy a puppy. Do you include shipping? if not how much is shipping and how far away are you?

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