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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hogan land title company?

Hogan Land Title was quick to adapt. Jack also developed, marketed and implemented one of the first pieces of software directly designed for the title industry. Hogan Land Title Company continues to thrive today and is still a family owned and operated operation.

Who is meridmeridian title company?

Meridian Title Company is a locally owned, full-service title insurance agency and closing/escrow office licensed in Missouri and Kansas. As a full-service title insurance and closing/escrow agency, Meridian Title Company offers a wide array of products and services including:

What to expect at your land title closing?

What to Expect at Your Land Title Closing Closing on a house marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, but the final step before becoming a homeowner includes the final transfer of money and title. Take a… Protecting Yourself Against Wire Fraud Wire fraud is a criminal act and involves a scheme to defraud a victim of money or property.

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