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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my landrumhr management hub?

Through the Management Hub, you can quickly access your LandrumHR support team, enter time sheets for us to process your payroll, perform history and payroll reports, change an employee's pay rate or status, perform employee terminations, and so much more! My LandrumHR.

What does my document library do for landrumhr?

As part of My LandrumHR, My Document Library allows you to securely send and receive documents with highly sensitive employee information to and from your LandrumHR representative. Using this method eliminates the risk of private information being released through email.

What is my notifications function in my landrumhr?

My LandrumHR's My Notifications function allows you to send and receive notifications to other users within your company - including employees or other managers/supervisors. Any alerts, tasks or notices can also be found here.

How does my landrumhr automate labor management processes?

My LandrumHR. Employees can fill out their e-forms online from any internet connected computer or device. Forms collected through EOB are electronically signed so no paper forms are required! The XactTime function within My LandrumHR automates employees' time keeping and allows you to gain control of all time and labor management processes.

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