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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the city of Landrum?

The City of Landrum was founded in 1880 and incorporated 1883. Located just west of Interstate 26 between Spartanburg, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina, the City of Landrum is nestled against the backdrop of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains.

What to do in Landrum?

Things to Do in Landrum 1 Campbell's Covered Bridge 2 Landrum Eclectics 3 Expressions Florist & Antiques 4 Landrum Antiques & Furniture 5 P3 Consignments 6 Savvy Scavenger Antique Mall & Marketplace 7 Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve 8 Another Time Another Place Antiques 9 The Millstone Gallery. ... 10 Blue Wall Nature Preserve More items...

Where did the first settlers of Landrum come from?

The first homesteaders began settling the Landrum area around 1760. They came from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia seeking the fertile, free land. These were hardy settlers that had to fight not only the elements of an isolated land but Native Americans as well.

Why live in Landrum Florida?

Residents and visitors alike enjoy drives along scenic roads, strolling through unique antique and specialty shops, and dining in Landrum‘s quaint eateries. Landrum also provides an ideal climate for business, as evidenced by booming retail sales and a work force of over 175,000 within twenty miles of the City.

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